The Art of Christopher Markwell

The Homecoming Collection - a tour of the Isle of Bute


      Exhibited at Mount Stuart House, Isle of Bute Scotland, Summer of 2009 in celebration of Scotland's Year of Homecoming


The Last Smiddy, Ettrick Bay Road

The Co-Worker wreck at Ettrick Bay

Cows at the Kyles of Bute

Kames Castle, Port Bannatyne


Kingarth Hotel, Kingarth


Lighthouse at Glencallum Bay


Stuart Family Townhouse and Merket Cross, Rothesay


Mount Stuart, home of the Marquess of Bute


             Rothesay Castle               

(in the Marquess of Bute Collection)

Scoulag Lodge (Mount Stuart Gatehouse)

(in the Marquess of Bute Collection)


Rothesay Pier (c. 2000)


Seal on a rock at Scalpsie Bay

The Old Sherrif's Court, Rothesay

Rhubodach, home of Sir Richard Attenborough

St Blane's Church

St Blane's Hotel, Kilchattan Bay

The Pavilion, Rothesay


Lighthouse at Toward Point


Wemyss Bay Station and Ferry Terminal

(in the Marquess of Bute Collection)


The Winter Garden, Rothesay


Other Paintings related to Bute



"Marq 7" - portrait of the Marquess of Bute

(in the Marquess of Bute Collection)


Andrew Blain Baird, First All-Scottish heavier-the-air Powered Flight, 1910


"The First Flight" of Andrew Baird at Ettrick Bay in 1910


Sculpture of Andrew Blain Baird

(For Baird of Bute Society Award)


PS Waverley in the Kyles of Bute


After the Storm, Kames Bay, Port Bannatyne

George V. Postal Pillar Box, Rothesay

Victorian Shelter, Craigmore

 War Memorial and Victoria Place, Port Bannatyne



                                                      Wee Kirk in The Kyles - Colintraive

                                                               End of Day Scoulag Lodge


Rothesay Castle Invasion


Last Ferry Wemyss Bay 


Port Bannatyne at Dusk